Monday, March 20, 2006


Let's Just Get The Hell Out Of Iraq!

There's more and more talk about withdrawing from Iraq. It's a mess: everybody but fall-on-the-sword-Republicans says it's a mess. A bloody awful hateful mess. We don't have control of the streets of the cities, even in the daylight. We can't set up linked forts across the country like the Crusaders did in the Middle Ages, because that doesn't do any good. Remember "strategic hamlets?"

Why not just apologize to the world and get the hell out? We invaded the country because of lies spread by the president and his handlers. We invaded it in a pre-emptive strike, something America has never overtly done before. The original lies turned out to not be good enough, so the political propaganda wing generated new lies. We were and are in Iraq illegally, contrary to international law. The men who planned and ordered this invasion and occupation are war criminals, no more no less. We need to remove our troops as fast as we can, prosecute the men and women who got us into it, and then make reparations.

Yes, the Americans who died and are maimed there were sacrificed for a lie. That's all. I don't know why there haven't been mobs of people storming the White House and the Capitol Building. Our country has been stolen by thieves and liars.

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