Sunday, May 14, 2006


Here Comes Another Smoke Screen

So, Monday night the President is going to give a major speech on immigration. That's just what we need. He's dragging us toward war with Iran, wants to have troops on the Mexican border (which hasn't happened since the days of Pancho Villa), his junta has arranged to snoop on the location and contacts of probably every adult American, he's fighting a terrible war in Iraq (HBO is presenting a movie next week-end, "Baghdad E.R.," which the neo-con spin doctors think will be disloyal because it will show the bloody reality of combat), his cohorts are being indicted left and right—well, right and righter—, and that bloody twerp is going to try to send up great clouds of smoke to obscure the reality of his administration.

The reality of the Bush-Cheney administration is this: these guys have come closer to establishing a dictatorship than any other American president, and it looks like a dictatorship is what they had in mind all along. A Christian dictatorship.

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