Monday, May 15, 2006


Mary Cheney: Why Bother?

At first I was going to ignore the Mary Cheney v. John Kerry flap: the publicity will sell books. Does she deserve to have her books sell? Oh, hell, why not! That's assuming she actually wrote it, of course...

There’s something weird about this whole business. Ms Cheney worked her tail off for the Bush Cheney campaigns, even though a major piece of Republican propaganda was the gay marriage issue. It’s like a black person working for the David Duke campaign, you know? I still see bumper stickers around here saying something to the effect that marriage equals one man plus one woman...(which is an improvement over one man one calf, I guess).

If gay or lesbian marriage is going to threaten the whole institution, marriage is bad shape to begin with. Add to that the idea that marriage is a legal contract between two adults to provide for the care of children and property, and the church folks have nothing to say. It’s a civil deal. If folks want to go to a church and do some sort of binding ceremony, fine, that’s up to them. Marriage is primarily a civil institution.

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