Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It's a Good Day To Kick Hypocrites' Butts

I truly hate to stop kicking a pious hypocrite just because he’s down for the count. And I certainly am willing to kick Hastert a few more times just for the hell of it. But—

On Truthout today (
Bob Scheer points out that the major story is still about what they knew and when they knew it—but about a pending al Quaeda attack.

While the disgraceful business with and about Foley is important, the failure of our National Security Advisor—Ms Rice—to take steps to protect the nation before 9/11 is more important. The failure resulted in thousands of deaths and unending troubles that continue and continue...And it’s indicative of the general incompetence, cynicism, and blindness of the entire administration.

So, Ms Rice, you were a very foolish director of the NSA; and it seem dubious that you are able to learn from your mistakes.

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