Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ashes to ashes, bombs to bust...

And now for something...entirely weird.

I still have a large quantity of my son’s ashes. I’ve spread them in an Alaskan lake, a creek near the cabin where he was conceived, over in Tumalo Creek, not far from here, where he loved to take pictures, from the Port Townsend ferry up in Puget Sound. And I still have plenty.

My son had a sense of humor that I really liked. When I saw the following article, I looked at the container of his ashes and smiled.... Hmm....

Human Ashes Cause Airport Bomb Scare
Jul 16, 1:11 PM (ET)

MIAMI (AP) - A Miami International Airport terminal was briefly evacuated early Monday after authorities found what appeared to be an explosive device but turned out to be a box containing cremated human remains.

A watch, the ashes and other items were spotted in the box, which at first appeared to be part of an explosive device, said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Christopher White. The box was in an X-ray machine scanning checked luggage near a United Airlines ticket counter, he said.

"It was a collection of items that, in total, raised our officers' suspicions to a level of contacting the Miami-Dade (County police) bomb squad," White said.

Hundreds of passengers milled around on the median outside Terminal F with their luggage from about 5:45 a.m. until police gave the all-clear around 7:30 a.m.

The terminal serves United, AirTran Airways and other carriers. The evacuation delayed six flights, affecting about 2,000 passengers, airport spokesman Marc Henderson said.

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