Sunday, July 01, 2007


Robocop is coming...

Oh wotthehell wotthehell—It's that kind of a funky summer day:

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The Guardian: Taser-equipped robot cop coming to a city near you soon

Created 2007-06-30 11:10

The Guardian reports: [1]

Real-life Robocops, robots armed with lethal weaponry and a programmed determination to eliminate foes, could become a key element in global counter-terrorist and military operations within 10 years, a US security expert said yesterday.

John Pike, director of in Virginia, was commenting on plans announced this week by a US firm, iRobot Corp, to arm its track-wheeled PackBot robot with a Taser X26 stun gun.

Until now, the PackBot, which looks like a small first-world-war tank, has been used for remote-controlled bomb disposal, dangerous search and surveillance missions. Now it will have the ability to "remotely engage, incapacitate and control dangerous suspects", iRobot said.

"The addition of Taser technologies on to iRobot platforms will provide a critical tool for Swat (Special weapons and tactics), law enforcement and military to handle a variety of dangerous scenarios," said Admiral Joe Dyer, president of iRobot Government & Industrial Robots.

(Read the complete report here.) [2]

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