Monday, September 03, 2007


Hucklberry hunting

Yesterday, we went looking for huckleberries. We found the bushes, but no berries, up in a burned-over area up west of Camp Sherman. That was the scene of that big fire a few years back, that brought Bush to Bend to agitate for his (so to speak) plan to save our western forests—by logging the hell out of them.

Bush, of course, didn’t actually stay in Bend. He stayed with a chum down at Crosswater, a terminally-gated community just south of Sun River. Crosswater is so exclusive they have a six-foot high berm around the place so you can’t see in. They probably have cctv and heat detectors along the berm, as well. God knows whats on the other side of it—electrified concertina wire? Gators? Machine gun nests? Probably when George was there. That was the one time I saw black helicopters go over; I hope they enjoyed seeing my ass as I mooned them.

No huckleberries. We drove through the plume of a fire that’s threatening another rather posh community, Black Butte Ranch, just west of Sisters and below Santiam Pass. That area is close to where we went berry-hunting. There are tens of thousands of acres in that area of beetle-killed pine and fir. The winters just haven’t been cold enough to slow down the bugs. Up in British Columbia it’s even worse, I hear.

Speaking of Bush—and global warming. No coincidences, eh George?

It’s one thing for someone to, say, torch a few thousand acres of trees, but it doesn’t seem all that different if someone just denies that a process is happening and thus enables it to continue. Sort of like the insanity of Iraq. “We’re making progress,” he declares, thus insuring the deaths and maimings and ruinings of thousands more people. How much difference is there between that and actually pulling the trigger on a machine gun and shooting down innocent and guilty alike? Not much. Bush commits crimes against humanity and crimes against creation on a daily basis. We’ll have to wait, I think, for karma to hand him what he deserves; I don’t think anybody in Washington is going to do anything about it.

Bush started that fire. For a fucking photo-op. In my backyard, in my home town.

Fuck that nigger.
And this, this year's healthy forests event:


Sep 3, 2007 03:46 PM
Black Butte Ranch is being evacuated due to the proximity of the 5,400-acre GW Fire and firefighting operations.

"Evacuate now," the taped alert issued at 2:30 p.m. stated as the "high-low" warning sirens sounded on the resort. "The evacuation route is through the main entry of the ranch and Highway 20" to Sisters.

"Please gather your family members, pets and personal belongings," the Level 3 evacuation alert said, including a taped message that notified all residents using the reverse-911 phone system.
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