Friday, October 28, 2005


Mr Strangelove not yet out of crosshairs

A good chance that Karl Rove, Mr Strangelove, will get nailed just like Scooter LIbby did. The more the merrier. I hope that Libby will crack and ‘fess up that the idea of blowing Ms Plame’s cover came from Sneaky Dick Cheney. I was re-reading the decline and fall of Nixon this morning; this is so familiar with Republican administrations: sooner or later they get caught getting dirty.

Libby indictment names Rove - or 'Official A' - as confirming Plame's identity to Libby

by Jackson Thoreah

The indictment and resignation of Scooter Libby on Good Friday is just the beginning. The best news is that a new grand jury was impaneled.

Libby’s indictment includes a passage in which an "Official A" told Libby that he had talked with conservative syndicated columnist Robert Novak about CIA officer Valerie Plame and that Novak would be writing a story about Plame.

And who is “Official A?” None other than Karl Rove, according to my sources.

Rove and Novak go way back in such dirty tricks. In 1992, Rove, with help from Novak, with whom Rove has often dined, smeared Robert Mosbacher Jr., George H.W. Bush’s then-presidential campaign manager. Mosbacher gave John Weaver, a Rove competitor, the bulk of a $1 million direct mail contract, and Rove spread a story that Mosbacher had been replaced in Texas by another campaign manager, which Novak repeated in a column. Poppy Bush reportedly dismissed Rove from his campaign for doing that, but his son will not do so for doing worse in the Plame case.

But expect Rove to go down eventually. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is just building the case against Rove and possibly others.

It's actually good news that the indictment process didn't end Friday. It keeps the whole matter open and keeps Rove - and Bush since Rove is "Bush's Brain" - squirming.

You can read the 22-page indictment yourself at

There are reports that Rove lied to the FBI and did not disclose that he had ever discussed Plame with Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper during Rove's first interview with the FBI. So Rove could be facing obstruction of justice and perjury charges himself, the same kind that got Libby.

Veteran reporter Seymour Hersh goes deeper into Bush’s and Rove’s campaign to influence Iraq’s election and related matters here. It’s long but worth reading, if you want to know more about just how sleazy these aholes are.

Does anyone in the Washington, D.C., area need an idea on where to take your kids trick-or-treating on Monday? How about dressing yourself or your child in an orange jumpsuit and Rove mask and going to Rove’s neighborhood? It’s in northwest D.C. - the address is 4925 Weaver Terrace NW.

You won’t be the first to register your protest there. And you won’t be the last.


Jackson Thoreau is a Washington, D.C.-area journalist/writer. The latest book to which he contributed, Big Bush Lies, was published by RiverWood Books of Ashland, Ore. He is working on another book called "Thou Shalt Not Cheat: How Bush and Rove Broke the Rules, From the Sandlot to the White House." He can be contacted at

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