AIG just relased its listof counter-parties (recipients of bailout money which flowed through AIG) There are 4 nifty charts.

Here's the take away:

Chart A:$6.2 billion out of $22.4 billion goes to US Financial concerns (that we know of. $41 billion is unaccounted for)
Cart B: $10 billion out of $29.6billion goes to US concerns
Chart C: $7 billion out of $12.1 billion (with $ 5.1 billion unaccounted for) goes to US concerns
Chart D: $14.7 billion out of $43.7 billion goes to US concerns

By "US concerns" I mean US banks and financial institutions,like Citbank or Goldman Sachs, or to States and municipalities in the US. The rest go to foreign banks, primarily in Europe.

So, out of $107.8 billion of US taxpayer money only $37.9 is specifically identified as going to US concerns.

We only got 35% of our own money!

I guess the message here, is that if AIG fails, it takes down the EU with it.