Sunday, March 15, 2009


health update

Damn: I'm in a swamp—I think it's from the vicodin I take to sleep at night, and it's really really hard to crawl up onto dry ground and walk on two legs. The pain isn't bad—it's bad when I'm lying down and trying to get to sleep and my body is going, ow, ooo, yike that hurts—but in the daytime it's just discomfort for the most part. Walking is still difficult. I teeter and totter like an old man, which I am, yeah, and it's slow and frustrating. For the most part, I don't use the cane around the house. That's a big improvement.

Tuesday I go back and get the staples out of my leg; that means I can go back to the pool and the hot tub and begin both loosening up and getting back in shape.

It doesn't need to be said I'm bored shitless.

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