Sunday, October 30, 2005


Spin Spin Spin

Friday night, Tony Snow, from Fox News, was on Bill Maher's show. He gave the spin about Joseph Wilson lying about what he found in Niger, as well as the his-wife-sent-him schtik. That's the Repupugnican spin on what's happened with the leak investigation. I caught it again last night on Tim Russert's program, and found more of it on the National Review Online. Wilson lied, therefore what happened didn't matter; along with other countries tried to buy yellowcake too, so therefore what happened didn't matter; Valerie Plame wasn't a real spook, so therefore what happened didn't matter—and an even better one: we know Iraq had WMDs, the only question is, where did they go?

You have to hand it to the jolly Rovian Brotherhood: they never quit trying. Even if Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld all stood up and confessed, the neo-cons would still be trying to tell us that Saddam really had WMDs and Joseph Wilson didn't tell the truth. And the Jews really do have a world wide conspiracy....


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