Monday, November 21, 2005


Congress For Sale or Rent...

Back in the Nineteenth Century, we had the “Age of the Robber Barons.” That was when the railroad, timber, and mining industries bought and sold members of congress like cattle at an auction. It was almost a national joke: you want a piece of legislation? Go buy some politicians. For a while, it seemed like we got away from that. Not quite, but pretty much. The western states have always been a little questionable when it comes to buying votes in congress, but it hasn’t been a truly national trend. Except for defense....yeah, I take it back: our congress has been a hotbed of whores for years.

The last few years, though, it’s got worse, more blatant. “Our” elected representatives have decided to give away everything they can: land, resources, contracts, name it, it’s for sale to the highest briber.

Since the majority of citizens can’t afford to buy politicians, this means that legislation benefits the richest donors. The poor get spending cuts: the rich get what they want. We’re living in what we used to call a Banana Republic. Utterly corrupt.

US House Passes $49.9 Billion in Spending Cuts
By Richard Cowan

Friday 18 November 2005

Washington - The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday narrowly voted to trim social programs for the poor along with farm subsidies, student loans and other federal benefits as part of a $49.9-billion package of spending cuts.

The "deficit-reduction" plan passed the House by a cliff-hanger vote of 217-215, with all Democrats and 14 Republicans voting against the Republican-authored bill.

The vote came after House leaders worked for weeks to convince rank-and-file Republican members to support the measure. Many had balked at cutting social programs while their leaders also pursued tax cuts that would benefit the rich. As a result, Republicans shaved about $4 billion from their spending-cut goal.

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