Friday, December 16, 2005


Pentagon Spying on Americans? Oh, My!

The news that the Pentagon has increased it’s spying on American citizens is being treated as something unheard of.

Maybe if this wasn’t the United States of Amnesia people would have done something about this a year or two or three back.

We’ve seen it before. During the Viet Nam “Experience,” the military, the FBI, local police, the NSA and DIA and CIA all spied on American citizens. Same thing happened during out dirty little wars in Central America—any group that dissented, that said, “this isn’t right,” found themselves photographed, followed, recorded, and stalked by certified snoops. That’s what these people do; their calling in life, vocation, is to spy on other people. I don’t know why that is.

Totalitarian societies—police states—are godsends to these folks: they can get rewarded for doing this. As I said in an earlier rap, the Nazis were experts at tapping into these personality types: they maintained control by having informers all over the place. People always have grudges. There’s no easier way to deal with packing a grudge than to bust the person who’s the target of the resentment.

This has been a constant through history. As long as there are people who can’t deal with things straight-on, we’ll have snitches.

Arianna Huffington, in a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed, said this better than I can:,0,6606855.story

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