Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Can Bush cancel elections if he thinks it's necessary?

This sounds flip—at first glance. But think about it: does the unitary executive theory as believed in by Gonzales and Alito and all the other weasels give the president the power to cancel elections without consulting others? I know they’ve talked this over, as in “how far can my power really go? Huh? Huh? C’mon, tell me!”

Does Bush believe he has the power to cancel elections?
Date: Tuesday, January 24 @ 10:15:07 EST
Topic: Commander-In-Thief

No, really.

I've seen this joked about but consider it seriously: if Bush (and his Conservative enablers) truly believe under the doctrine of the 'unitary executive' that a Commander-in-Chief in 'wartime' has the power to supercede the Constitution, does that include cancelling elections?

I'd like to see one reporter stand up at the next press conference and ask, "Mr. President, do you believe you have the power to cancel the 2008 presidential election if national security warrants it?"

I'd like to see Scotty McClellan pestered about this on a daily basis.

Bonus question: If Bush cancelled the 2008 elections (or even the 2006 elections), would any of his supporters object?

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