Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Archbishop of Canterbury Says: "Don't Teach Creationism in the schools."

OK, this one I edited way down. Too much heavy reading can confuse us. The point is that leading mainstream churches regard “Creationism” or “Intelligent Design” as sectarian poop, spread by Bible literalists who cannot bear to let go of an absolutist life-line. Doubt, to these people, is awful: maybe a sin. Thinking for oneself is also sinful. The world is a scary place and they want as much authority as they can get, about everything. That's why they like Bush and his certainties, Cheney as his dead-eye shot-gun, Rumsfeld with his always absolutes.

Archbishop: stop teaching creationism

Williams backs science over Bible
Stephen Bates, religious affairs correspondent
Tuesday March 21, 2006
The Guardian

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has stepped into the controversy between religious fundamentalists and scientists by saying that he does not believe that creationism - the Bible-based account of the origins of the world - should be taught in schools.

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