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Little-Dick-Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

I really enjoy finding people who write things that I've thought about writing, but haven't quite got around to (or forgot about....). Reich, Fromm, and others have discussed fascism from a psycho-sexual dynamic point of view. I don't know that anyone's seriously doing that anymore, but it seems that fear of or actual impotence is a major factor in the behavior of various right-wing demagogues and their spokes-weasels on radio and TV.


February 21, 2006

Diagnosis and Treatment of Right Wing Little Dick Syndrome

By Rob Kall (foul language warning)

Listen up you stupid, white, Bush Loving, little-dicked man. I call you a little dick, because I think you are so desperate to feel like a man, that you blindly and stupidly, because it makes you feel more like a man, continue to support a piece of shit fake macho president, who is screwing you, your community, your family, your children and your country.

In the movie, Defending Your Life, with Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks, the main characters are described as "little-heads," because they are so much dumber than the entities in heaven who "judge" their lives.

So, in that light, I've been thinking about dumb white "little-dicks." Michael Moore described "stupid white men" in his book with the same name. But I've concluded that it is not enough to call them stupid and white. These right wing, usually rural or small town fundamentalist guys who form the most loyal core of the right wing political universe are pitifully sexually inadequate. They talk, walk and act macho, needing phallic symbol guns and rifles to compensate for their little dick minds. They may even be physically well endowed, but these dumb white little-dicks are pathetically needing to find ways to feel more manly.

Mention Brokeback Mountain and the thought of seeing gay men sends them into a panic. Give their wife a better paying job, if she's allowed to leave the house, and they start drinking to drown their feelings of inadequacy.

The political war is a war between men and women. A strong majority of Rebublicans are men. A bigger majority of Democrats are women. The right wingers political issues are ALL about holding down and controlling women. These guys aren't man enough to treat women as equals. These guys need to keep women from doing all that they can do.

They use the bible as an excuse. That's pure bull. The taliban and the religious fanatics, the fundamentalists in Islam and Judaism do the same thing. Any man who needs to quote from a 500 year old or older document to keep women down is pathetic. Any religion that needs to keep women down is weak. Let me be clear. I do not believe that Christianity, Islam or Judaism require that women be kept down. Certain sects' leaders choose to interpret their scriptures that way. It is not a matter of sacred scriptures saying any such thing, It is always a matter of some MAN abusing those sacred scriptures, you could even say prostituting them for his own purposes that put women down. Of course, whole sects may develop from one man's interpretations. But it starts with some man who decides the way he can gain power through tapping the religious propensities of people is to step on and abuse the rights of women, and often, disrespecting other faiths, another sure sign of a weak sect. So, all you fundamentalist extremists out there, make sure you read this whole paragraph. I respect Mohomet. I respect Jesus and the God of Abraham. I just don't respect the venal, corrupting spiritual leaders who turn a pure, beautiful religion based on revelation into a corrupt, hating, divisive sect. These sects end up being composed of a society of little dicked, braindead, angry haters.

Then we have the war. There are millions of dumb white little-dicks who have been using the war as some form of compensatory mental penile enhancement therapy. Sorry Johnny, war is not Viagra. Bush, the chronic loser, moron, fraft evading coward is also not V ia gra. Bush won't change how woefully inadequate you are.

But "Bush is THE GUY to protect us from terrorism." Right!! What a lame bunch of limp-spined, tough talking gutless wonders. "Let's haul ass off to Iraq and kill some Muslims and that'll do it," is their thinking. Geez. What a pile of mindless manure. Who actually believes this crap? Dumb, white little-dicks, that's who. They need to believe it, whatever "it" is.

Then I get these letters from these dumb little Dicks, saying, "Why don't you just accept that you liberals lost?" Well, little dick, I don't consider a bank robber who is wealthy a success in life. And I don't consider a party that stole two elections using election corruption and electronic voting machine manipulation the winner either. Again, little dick, you desperately take what you get. But that doesn't make you a winner either. it makes you a pathetic, dumb, little dick loser. Think of Dick Cheney as one of your heroes. He get's drunk, shoots a friend, and his little dicked friend apologizes. Sounds like little dick philosophy to me. The powerful leaders of the little dicks screw the dumb little dick followers and they worship the leaders for screwing them.

Let's not forget the rich white little dicks. They don't necessarily use Bush to feel bigger. They use money and the things and the influence and power it buys to feel better about themselves. So do their women. They stay right wing by repeating the mantra-- tax-and-spend-democrats-- blindly and perhaps traitorously driving their Humvees (clear signs of self perceived penile deficiency-- don't let the women say they feel safer in bigger vehicles) and ignoring the steady drift of America towards fascism-- all so they can buy $600 shoes and sweaters.

There is a cure for little dicks. Be a man, Face the fact that you have supported a total loser, a president who is a lying, traitorous failure at everything he touches, except corruption. He's a brilliant whore for anyone who gives him money. He'll happily take a thousand bucks in contributions and turn it over, in government deals for ten million bucks to his contributors.

There is a cure for little dicks. Be enough of a man to let the women in your life be strong. Be enough of a man to express emotions, to see beauty, to be nurturing, to respect men who are able to be soft and gentle, kind and artistic, whether they are gay or straight. Be man enough to not go into a homophobic panic when you encounter homosexual men. Any man who can't deal, as a calm un-upset adult with a gay man has inner fears that he's gay himself. Does the sight of gay men upset you?

There is a cure for little dicks. Face the fact that money and the things it buys does not make you a better person. Remember, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24) If a rich man is to enter heaven, it will be cause of the good deeds he does, the kindnesses, the gestures of humility, of understanding and compassion-- not the wealth and power accumulated.
There is a cure for little dicks. Grow up. Stop listening to macho for morons right wing talk radio. Rush and Sean and the other dittohead imitating idiots are pandering to the worst parts of you. Are you a member of the KKK? Are you a racist? If you are, go fuck yourself. You're a total asshole and hopeless. But if you're no, then you should know that the right wing talk radio jerks are pushing those kinds of buttons all the time. That's what makes right wing talk radio work so well. They know how to push little dick buttons. Grow out of it. Figure out how to be a real man. Not a right wing little dick. There is a cure for little dicks. It's not the drugs that are offered in billions of spam ads. It's not the bogus products that claim to make you bigger, longer, etcetera. It's about growing up, waking up and seeing that the right wing mindset is what keeps you feeling, deep inside, like less of a man. Let go of it and you'll find out what being a real man is all about-- something right wingers rarely know anything about.

Authors Bio: Rob Kall is editor of OpEdNews.com, President of Futurehealth, Inc, and organizer of several conferences, including StoryCon, the Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story and The Winter Brain Meeting on neurofeedback, biofeedback, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology.

i guess you know all tiny dick men don't worship bush we love bush on women just not the president
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