Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Anna Mae, COINTELPRO, And Other Affairs of State

One of the incomplete stories of the last thirty-five years is that of Anna Mae Aquash. She was an early member of the American Indian Movement, took part in the occupation of Wounded Knee, and was murdered, probably by the remote control of the FBI.

Back in the days when many of us thought we might actually be able to change this country, there was panic in Washington, D.C.. The Party in Power, the same on that's in power now, saw communists behind every beard, anarchists brain-washing their children, and blacks out to screw white women. I'm dead serious about this. The FBI launched a program known as COINTELPRO to stop the perceived radical take-over. Little pieces have filtered down through the sieve of official history: the Black Panthers, Patricia Hearst, the anti-Viet Nam War movement. Even Public Broadcasting has produced shows about these incidents and people. They're safe, now, because most of them are dead. Part of COINTELPRO involved neutralizing activists and groups. Fred Hampton, the Chicago Black Panther, was killed in his bed by FBI-led police; MLK Jr. was, of course, killed. Patricia Hearst repented and has become an upper-class suburban matron. Anna Mae...

Well, Anna Mae is still dead, yes. She's still remembered by a few...if you count American Indians as "a few." I mean there're millions who remember her. And remember the fantastic efforts of the FBI and the Justice Department to silence anything remotely resembling dissent. You may notice that the FBI and Justice—and all the new secret and not-so-secret security organisations, like DIA, DHS, NSA—are still at it. They're still trying to keep people from saying "Hey, this is no good!"

Anna Mae stood up and spoke loud and clear. And they killed her.

They haven't killed anyone lately, that we know of, but we just don't know all that much.

In the meanwhile, Anna Mae's spirit lives on: http://tsewhitzen.blogspot.com/

Check it out.

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