Saturday, April 29, 2006


Mohawks Still Fight For Sovereignty

This came yesterday. For centuries the Mohawk people have been refusing to surrender to the Anglo-Americans. I’m on the far side of the continent from this struggle. My heart is with the Indian people on issues of national sovereignty.

You read it and you decide.

Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:02 PM

Subject: Chief Louise Thundercloud & Freedom Fighter of the Mohawk people

I am Chief Louise Thundercloud. I am sending this to you in hopes that you
can address this situation or know of someone who can. Canada has issued a
news black out to keep the press from knowing about their atrocities. I have
forwarded the email address of the main freedom fighter of the Mohawk

I am Hazel E. Hill. I am one of the designated spokesperson for the media
etc. and in situations like this, also one of many jobs. The people are
well. We are remaining peaceful, although in the minds of many, how long
will we be able to? The police situation is building up fast. Last night I
myself went to scout around with a couple of the men from the camp and there
were at LEAST 60 opp marked&unmarked cars at unity school road, we have
confirmed reports that the cdn. army is based at the Hamilton Airport, and
that there are over 1000 opp or rcmp stationed in several motels around the
Yorkdale area. I am not a criminal. I am a mother and a grandmother. our
people have the oldest and dearest law of the land. The Kaienerekowah.
That is what the people are fighting for. Sounds kind of ironic doesn't it.
We are fighting for our Law of Peace, Love and Harmony. Our ancestors
shared till there was nothing left for their children. We are only trying
to keep what little there is for ours. I am so saddened this morning as I
write because we have one young man still in jail because he only has a
traditional name and refuses to speak their English language. I am very
proud of that young Kanienkehaka. He is standing up for our Law. We have
the Two Row Wampum. that is the original treaty between the Onkwehonweh
people and the White race. We stand by that two row. we do not interfere
with their government, yet they do not acknowledge ours. We were never
conquered yet they stand before us with guns as if their intimidation
tactics will make us run and hide. I refuse to be the next sacrificial lamb
that their race uses to usurp authority over our people so that they can
stand before creation pretending to be upholders of Peace. Sonkwiontisonh
has seen their true colors, the rest of the world will see their true
colors. the Onkwehonweh nations of the world are coming together for Peace,
and we are standing strong and united. Welcome.! Their press stands at the
gate occasionally to give us an interview. We have tried to tell our story.
They play what they want to play. We are learning to work with independent
press and we will have our story told. My tears this morning are for the
children. They are trying to incite fear into their citizens and my
daughter will attend school with them this morning. I pray for her. She is
strong and knows our hearts. I know she will be respectful of their
feelings and opinions, but will they respect hers? My thoughts are running
so many ways, we have so many people to protect and they have guns. But I
will stand with our Creator, with our Kaienerekowah, in Peace and Love and
Truth and I will stand with Honor. they can stand their with their guns and
their hatred and only they will know what that makes them feel like.
tonight the Caledonia citizens are rallying. they are angry because we
refuse to lift the roadblocks. they want the world to think we are keeping
their citizens hostage. We did not cause this to happen. the OPP moved in
and swarmed our people violating the OIdest and Supreme Law of the Universe.
They even violated their own laws and continued promises by promising an
hours warning before they came in. they think that we didn't see them
gathering numbers in the barn across the road for the past two weeks. they
didn't think that we could count as carloads of men came in and only one
driver came out. for weeks they have planned this. they think they are the
only ones who understand preparation. We proved once again that we are an
honorable people. they did not get met with weapons although our warriors
want to do their jobs. we met them once again with peace and marched them
right back off our lands. Even l was a victim of their brutality and in
defense I did kick back. I have already asked forgiveness of Creation for
my anger. I will continue to do so. But it is they who put the roadblocks
their. we only built a physical one for the protection of our people as
well as their own. their children feel the same things in their hearts as
our children do. they are frustrated and angry and we are trying to teach
them how to deal with those feelings. before the roadblocks came up and
before they attacked us that early morning, their children would come by and
throw garbage and holler racial statements to our people. The roadblocks
are for their children as well to keep them from being able to antagonize
and cause hardships so that our young people won't want to re-act. We hold
no hostages. the emergency vehicles are allowed through. The local
residents are allowed through. They came to worship at their church
yesterday and they probably prayed for us as we pray for them each morning
at sunrise. We have to maintain that protection for all of us. they want
us to show good faith. We have shown good faith for over 2000 years, and it
is not we who killed the Peacemaker, it is their people. He told us this
day would come, and we are doing as He instructed us to do. Only Canada can
decide what it will do. My heart is filled with thanksgiving to each and
everyone of you who has shown their support, through e-mails, donations, by
coming to the site. I apologize to all of you who I have been unable to
answer in e-mail because we are in a very violent and serious situation
which requires my attention in other areas. I have forwarded this through
our Mohawk Nation News office so that she can share with all of you. We
welcome you to the Land of Peace, we have re-kindled the fire of Peace here
and we will stand United and we are honored by the show of strength of our
brothers and sisters across the world. The Eagle people are doing their job
upholding the Peace. We need you to help the rest of the world understand
and get this word out. I will be in touch as soon as I possibly can. It is
just after 7:00 am, I am going to work with the Clan Mothers and women to
get our young boy out of jail this morning. Please pray that we are
successful. He has become a Prisoner of the War that they have declared
against us. We want our son to come home.

In Peace,

Hazel E. Hill

Have you ever noticed that whenever there isn't any news, it is called a media blackout. Really, the media has just fallen asleep for lack of anything better to do.

It looks like Hazel is ready to take over from K. Horn.

Really "prisoner of war" in Cayuga no less.... . Hazel you do Ms. Horn proud!
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