Wednesday, April 26, 2006


New White House Spokes-weasel Capable of Stupidity

Just in case any of us might get to thinking that the Bush-Cheney administration is actually lightening up, here’a a story about Tony Snow, the new White House press-weasel. Seems that he defended a crack Limbaugh made about “black quarterbacks,” and then had the sheer stupidity to say that racism has pretty much gone away.

At least the administration is consistent—consistently arrogant, dull-witted, and mean.

Snow: Racism no longer 'a big deal'
04/26/2006 @ 1:54 pm
Filed by RAW STORY

Tony Snow, conservative pundit and incoming White House press secretary, told television viewers in 2003 that racism is no longer a "big deal," RAW STORY has learned.

Ironically, the remarks were made in defense of Rush Limbaugh's assertion that quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated by a media showing preferential bias to "black quarterbacks."

"Here's the unmentionable secret," Snow said on an October 2003 edition of Fox News Sunday, "racism isn't that big a deal anymore." Snow argued that "no sensible person supports" racism, arguing that the problem is "quickly becoming an ugly memory."

Republicans have struggled to win greater support in the African American community, which overwhelmingly votes for Democratic candidates. Allegations of racism after Hurricane Katrina pushed President Bush to his lowest point ever in polls of black voters, often rating the president with support of a single-digit.

RAW STORY earlier reported that Snow has made controversial comments about Kwanzaa.

Snow's comments on race have already been challenged as out of touch by Democrats in Congress. Asked Democratic National Committee spokesperson Amaya Smith: "How can Republicans claim to be mending fences with the African-American community after hiring Tony Snow, who just doesn't get it?"

The Democratic National Committee has gone so far as to post the video of Snow's comments on the DNC website.

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