Sunday, May 21, 2006


Born-Again Fascism

This rap is straight commentary. I assume everyone out there has kept up, one way or another, with the immigration flap. A sidebar to that is the usual stuff about language. Even though there are many many Americans who's first language is not English, who do not speak it by choice, and have been here since long before there was even the first European colony, once again, we hear that we all should speak English.

English as a “national language.” English as the “official language.” —We’ve heard this stufff before, and always from the same sources. The sources that argue, like some radio commentators, that Anglo-Americans should have more babies, that white Christians are going to be thrown out of all power, basically that our sacred fatherland is going to be overrun by people of another color. That’s pretty easy to understand as racist bullshit, I’d think. Apparently, though, it’s not—or else the Republican party and it’s mouthpieces in the media have become so racist they can’t even hear or see what they’re saying.

The south has finally won their guerilla war against the north. The one thing that really united them in their struggle was ideology: the ideology of one race being inferior to another. The resentment generated by Emancipation has burned in them like some alien possession, driving them into the party they hated and then fueling them into taking over that very party. Nixon tripped the switch when the “southern strategy” was developed. He may have been a smart and in many ways good president, but he allowed the country to fall into the hands of the reborn fascists.

I don't know how to stop it; maybe it's the logical step in the disintegration of the American Empire/Fantasy. Maybe there's no way to stop it.

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