Friday, May 26, 2006


FDA Corruption

An example of just how honest the whole food and drug industry and it’s regulators really are...

Sometimes I lose things on my desk-top. But I assume that I found it at the correct time—it ties in with the piece about corruption at the CIA. So consider this another minor update on the Ali Baba Cave and its inhabitants....

The New York Times

April 29, 2006
Ex-Head of F.D.A. Faces Criminal Inquiry

WASHINGTON, April 28 — Dr. Lester M. Crawford, the former commissioner of food and drugs, is under criminal investigation by a federal grand jury over accusations of financial improprieties and false statements to Congress, his lawyer said Friday.

The lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder, would not discuss the accusations further. In a court hearing held by telephone on Thursday, she told a federal magistrate that she would instruct Dr. Crawford to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination if ordered to answer questions this week about his actions as head of the Food and Drug Administration, according to a transcript of the hearing.

Dr. Crawford did not reply to messages seeking comment, and Kathleen Quinn, an F.D.A. spokeswoman, declined to comment.

Here's another link for you, dealing with the politics of gummint and our food, drugs and other products: it is now estimated that every other child born today will experience cancer.

"The cancer blame game: How blaming the patient is easier than prevention
Broadcast: March 5, 2006"

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