Thursday, May 04, 2006


Rambling About the Racist Right

Anybody ever catch a blog called “Newsbusters” I just stumbled over it, and got warned about a Hellen Reddy song from 1972. It’s a feminist anthem! And I thought it was a machine-made piece of pop pablum...

I have to give Newsbusters credit: they’re really on top of the news.

The race-immigration debate is still bubbling along under the radar of the mainstream media. Check out for info on exactly who are the very loud anti-immigration people.

They’re the updated David Duke types, the ones with razor-cut hair and four hundred dollar suits arguing they are not racist—but they do have proof that there’s a secret Mexican plan to take over the entire southwestern USA as part of the “Reconquista.” The Reconquista was actually the Catholic Spanish movement that ejected the Jews and Muslims from Spain in the 15th and 16th Centuries. Most of it was by force: forced baptism in the Catholic faith, and even then, always the danger of torture and confiscation of lands and money. It was in the Reconquista that the Inquisition got up and running. Perhaps there’s a secret plot with secular Spain and secular Mexico to force Americans into becoming Catholics?

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