Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Return Of The Red Scare?

It’s been a busy day with a busy morning—I started back doing arthritis water exercises at the local pool, and then we had shopping to do (after a necessary nap) and dinner to cook... But I stumbled on this, from www.simplyappalling...

In discussing the impact and meanings of Monday’s huge demonstrations for immigrants’ rights, a leading Republican “thinker” about Latino issues commented that there were ties between Marxism and being pro-immigrant.

Huh? We have to remember that a great deal of neo-con thinking was formulated back in the days of the Great Red Scare—many of the neo-con intellectuals are ex-Marxists themselves, decompensating for their earlier beliefs. What happened was that the “new right” merged with the old America-First kind of Republicans—the ones who were convinced FDR was a dedicated tool of Stalin, a closet-disciple of Lenin. These people have always been present in US politics, even before they had to give up their slaves. Marx, for many of these people, was simply an out-spoken member of the international conspiracy of illuminatti Jewish Zionist anti-Jesus satan-worshippers. This line of thinking is still prominent in right-wing American thought. They still believe in the old commie-pinko-integrationist-fear. They’ve done a lot for Bush. And Bush, well...yeah.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Red Scare II: Mayday! Mayday! It was May Day all over again

LESLIE SANCHEZ, Impacto Group: I really think, overall, it's a fizzle, and I know it's probably too early to tell, especially on the West Coast. But the reason I say that is we have to look at what the intent of this was.

The intent, according to many of the organizers, was to wreak economic chaos. It [is] not a coincidence that they picked May Day, the international socialist day of the worker, to celebrate this.

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