Friday, June 23, 2006


Bear Drops into Home For Porridge

OK, once in a while you got to laugh. A nice aspect of this story is that the West Vancouver Police didn't bring out the stun guns, the tranquilizer darts, or any of that heavy equipment. They just let the bear eat the oatmeal and when it was done, the bear split. No fuss, no muss. Good thing it didn't happen around here, because it would have been a dead bear, one way or the other. Shot while trying to escape or something.

Bear Eats Oatmeal in Woman's Kitchen

Jun 19, 5:22 PM (ET)

WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) - It was a real-life version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - only in reverse - when a woman came home to find a young bear eating oatmeal in her kitchen.

The bear apparently entered through an open sliding glass door, broke a ceramic food container and started eating, West Vancouver police Sgt. Paul Skelton said.

"It sounds like a nursery rhyme, doesn't it?" Skelton said. "At least we have a health-conscious bear on our hands."

Three police officers who went to the home Thursday couldn't get the bear to budge, so authorities let the animal finish its meal.

"The bear didn't appear to be aggressive and wasn't destroying the house, so they just let it do what it was doing and eventually the bear decided to make its way out of the residence and down toward a forested gully," Skelton said. "It ended the best it could."

Skelton said bears in the suburbs north of Vancouver have been coming out of hibernation as hungry as ever but later than usual but this spring because of a heavier than normal snowpack from the winter. The report Thursday was one of six complaints police said they received about bears in the area that day.

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