Monday, June 12, 2006


Latest From Ministry Of Propaganda in Washington?

Here’re some excerpts from a CBC story on the suicides at Guantanamo. These days, whatever the US news puts out is essentially from the Ministry of Propaganda.

I don’t care how paranoid the logic, there is no way in hell to make these suicides out to be acts of warfare. Not even Richard Nixon would try to get away with that.

C B C . C A N e w s - F u l l S t o r y :
Three die in Guantanamo Bay suicides
Last Updated Sat, 10 Jun 2006 20:29:43 EDT
CBC News
Three detainees have died at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in what the U.S. military said was "an act of ... warfare" against the United States.

"They are smart. They are creative, they are committed," Rear Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the Joint Task Force Guantanamo, told Reuters. "They have no regard for life, either ours or their own."

Harris added that the suicides were "clearly a planned event, not a spontaneous event ... I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of ... warfare waged against us."


Amnesty International said the apparent suicides "are the tragic results of years of arbitrary and indefinite detention" and said the prison is a blight on the Bush administration.

"Today's reported suicides of detainees in Guantanamo should serve as a wake up call to President Bush and his administration that Guantanamo is not just a public-relations problem but instead an indictment on its deteriorating human rights record."

Barbara Olshansky of the Center for Constitutional Rights told Associated Press that those held at Guantanamo "have this incredible level of despair that they will never get justice. And now they're gone. And they died without ever having seen a court."

The prison, in southeastern Cuba, has been used to detain Afghan prisoners since January 2002 when the first 20 arrived. About 460 men are in custody there on suspicion of links to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

It has come under increasing criticism from the UN, Britain and other U.S. allies because most of the inmates are being held without charge under conditions which critics say do not meet international standards.

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I agree on the fact that treatment at Guantanamo Bay is far below global expectations of America. Yet, I also think that many people overlook the fact that Guantanamo is being used as a prison for the most notorious and dangerous suspected criminals to the world at this time. Another thing is that many also don't put much thought that in many other countries, prisoners in common prisons can be off alot worse. My comment is not meant to justify the actions that have taken place, just to shed some light on some facts that many overlook.
I think one should read about the case of the Korean and Chinese prisons during the Korean War. It is quite illuminating.
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