Friday, June 30, 2006


Minutemen's Border Fence A Farce

It’s almost the Fourth. This seems like a fine time to remember a group who call themselves “Minutemen.” Their role, they told us a few months back, was to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the US-Mexico border. The group got lots of coverage—TV loved them, because they were picturesque, a symbol of the Old West meeting the electronic age, and they were led by a couple of guys who had a good sense of publicity.

The group ended up hiring a contractor to finish off their work, with a grand total of three miles of barbed-wire fence out of the ten miles they promised. I’ve yet to see a barbed-wire fence that keeps anybody out. One good thing: the Minutemen have been pretty quiet lately.

The Arizona Daily Star
Published: 06.21.2006
Ernesto Portillo Jr. : Minutemen's fantasy fence a bust

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