Friday, June 30, 2006


Up and Away

Took a few days off. The days actually took me off. Things to do. The world, no surprise, just kept right on keeping on. So did events.

The Supremes startled everybody, I think, with their decision that international law actually trumped the law as promulgated by El Presidente Maximo. The irony is that the US was one of the major powers to actually make international law as important as it is. After World War Two, most semi-civilized people realized we had to set some standards for human and national behaviors. Otherwise the international scene would be a chaotic scene of countries acting without any regard for anybody else. Well, yeah, that is what the US has been doing for the last six or seven years. Before then we weren't the greatest country when it came to following rules, but at least we made a pretense. The Bush-Cheney regime stripped away even that pretense. We really have become a rogue nation.

Maybe things will get better, now. Maybe.

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