Sunday, July 30, 2006


Kennedy Says Roberts and Alito Fooled Them

It isn’t that they do stupid things, it’s that they do stupid things and then claim to have been deceived. "We didn't know!"

Anyone with a brain larger than a goldfish’s could have seen that Alito and Roberts were ideologues who lied to Congress.

Geez, Ted, get a clue ahead of time, OK?

Roberts and Alito Misled Us
By Edward M. Kennedy
The Washignton Post
Sunday 30 July 2006


But the careful, bipartisan process of years past - like so many checks and balances rooted in our Constitution - has been badly broken by the current Bush administration. The result has been the confirmation of two justices, John G. Roberts Jr. and Samuel A. Alito Jr., whose voting record on the court reflects not the neutral, modest judicial philosophy they promised the Judiciary Committee, but an activist's embrace of the administration's political and ideological agenda.

Now that the votes are in from their first term, we can see plainly the agenda that Roberts and Alito sought to conceal from the committee. Our new justices consistently voted to erode civil liberties, decrease the rights of minorities and limit environmental protections. At the same time, they voted to expand the power of the president, reduce restrictions on abusive police tactics and approve federal intrusion into issues traditionally governed by state law.

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