Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Minor Theological Rap

Every so often, I have nice exchanges with strangers. I had a nice one yesterday, over here. It started out about Ann Coulter and ended up with the nature of salvation! One of the points where I differ with fundamentalists is about how we get salvation. The Bible says it's only through accepting Jesus; I believe it's through good works. I know this is a major stumbling block for many people and I'm not alone. I can't cite chapter and verse on this. I can't say what "salvation" really means, either. What it means to me is a feeling of having done right, done good, of feeling...well, saved. From whatever: my baser impulses like greed and selfishness, anger and vindictiveness, I guess. It's about living well in the world, of having helped things along rather than set things back! Maybe there're two stages of salvation: here and later. I only know about the one here and now...

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