Saturday, July 01, 2006


SCOTUS Scuttles Neo-Con Authoritarians

The Anonymous Òiberal ( of the SCOTUS decision about Guantanamo.

The posting thoroughly destroys the administration’s argument that the president’s executive power is unlimited. The US is not some sort of medieval kingdom where the regent can declare anything he wants as the law. At last SCOTUS (or some of SCOTUS) recognizes this. Unfortunately, for years the Republicans have wanted a president (on their side, yeah!) who would act like this kind of king. They have one. And, they've wanted the courts, the legislative, as well as media, under their control. They have it. And it's proving to them that isn't enough. What they need is to reform...hmm...the Constitution. That's why all these idiotic amendments are being presented. First one amendment; the next one will be easier. And the one after that...

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