Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Senate Wants Teen-Age Girls To Be Mothers, Not have Abortions

The Senate, yesterday, voted to make it illegal to help an “under-age” girl get an abortion without notifying her parents. I’m sorry they did this. I’m glad that Oregon’s Wyden voted against the bill; I’m sad that our other senator, Gordon Smith, voted for it. I'm unclear, by the way, as to what the Times means when it says "Young Girls": at first glance, I thought it meant like 12 or 13 year-olds and pre-adolescents.

I remember quite well what it used to be like for women to get abortions: it was like walking through a mine field. When Oregon loosened it’s laws against abortions, I did what I could to help women...which wasn’t much, but I tried. Before then, I helped an underage female relative get an abortion. I’d do it again. I’d help any woman get an abortion, whether or not the religious conservatives consider it a prosecutable offence. Maybe that makes me a one-person conspiracy.

July 26, 2006
Senate Removes Abortion Option for Young Girls

WASHINGTON, July 25 — The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would make it a federal crime to help an under-age girl escape parental notification laws by crossing state lines to obtain an abortion.

The bill was approved on a 65-to-34 vote, with 14 Democrats joining 51 Republicans in favor.

A similar measure passed the House last year, and President Bush said he would sign the legislation if the two chambers could work out their differences and send a final bill to him.

In a statement, Mr. Bush said that “transporting minors across state lines to bypass parental consent laws regarding abortion undermines state law and jeopardizes the lives of young women.”

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