Saturday, July 01, 2006


U.S. Arms Israel For Lebanese Invasion

If there’s any doubt which side the US is on, in the Israeli-Lebanon fracas, it should be clarified by the front page story on today’s NY Times: “U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery For The Israelis”

This is the thing: Israel is doing what it’s doing with the full cooperation of the United States; we are not neutral in this conflict. We are responsible for the shattered bodies and piles of rubble in Lebanon—just like we note the Syrians and Iranians are responsible for the Katushka rockets landing in Israel. No matter how the U.S. phrases it, how the U.S. justifies it—or how the Israelis rationalize it, two wrongs have never ever made a right. As the Jesuits put it to me when I was in college: the end never justifies the means; it’s morally impossible.

And, as a side-bar, the irony of Israel destroying highways and bridges in Southern Labanon, then bombing and strafing trucks, and telling the Lebanese to evacuate that area is revolting. The neo-cons who have engineered and vetted this proxy war should have to take near-lethal doses of downers to get to sleep at night.

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