Saturday, August 12, 2006


Keeping My Head On Straight (or close to it)

Tuesday, I'm out of here for another week of trying to remember that governmental stupidities, cruelties, and generalized bullshit existed before I was born and will continue to exist long after I am gone. It's in the nature of the beast. Governments lie; it's what they do best.

The universe was also here long before I came along, and even though it sometimes seems questionable, it will be here after I'm gone. The difference between the government and the universe is this: governments seem to have an inherent attraction to evil, while the universe just is the way it is. A couple of days ago I saw an article about narcotics treatment programs up in British Columbia that were experimenting with psychedelic drugs because of their staggering ability to shake up personal belief systems. My own experience was that psychedelics also gave me an over-powering sense of the benevolence of Creation: everything was, really, OK. That was an experience I still treasure. I just don't take psychedelics anymore, though, so it's somewhat more difficult to get that feeling. And, yeah, in these scary times I sometimes forget that the universe is a pretty good place—especially our living breathing Mother Earth, who's always ready to comfort me...all I have to do is make the effort.

So, next week I'm off to Ceremony for a week. It's a sort of ceremony for the mis-begotten. What happens is that it is a place for me to remember the good things. It's the closest thing yet, non-chemically-inducd, for me to remember the essential benevolence of Creation. All I have to do is ask, and that benevolence is there, front and center. It's asking for the help of the Spirits, really.

Monday will be my last, quickie-wickie post until the following week. Will I miss doing this? Yeah, probably for about five minutes. The rest of the time I'll be getting purified and recharged. And, boy, do I need it!

You, readers, will have the following mantra: Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

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