Friday, August 11, 2006


The Return of Cluster-Munitions: Today's Version of Smallpox Infected Blankets

And, speaking of terror, both the NY Times and the Washington Post carried stories today about Israel wanting the US to ship “cluster munitions” so they can zap Hezbollah rocket-launching sites. More than they already have, yeah. In Laos they were “cluster bombs” and they’re still blowing the shit out of people. They don’t all go off at once, you see, being of good American craftmanship; some are dud-ish and go off later when somebody disturbs them.

Cluster bombs and cluster munitions are as wicked as land-mines and just as indiscriminate. Since Hezbollah likes to launch rockets from populated places, innocent people are going to get zapped and maimed and even more fucked-over than they’ve been getting by Israel. You know, when you live in a neighborhood run by gangsters, when the shooting starts all you can do is hope you don't get shot; it isn't just a matter of supporting anybody—it's a matter of survival.

It should be obvious to anybody—but it won’t be to those who love war and gore and think that Ay-rabs deserve everything that hurts them—that Israel is behaving in an exceedingly ugly manner. Israel would drop blankets infected with smallpox on their enemies, if most everyone wasn’t innoculated against it. Their behavior toward the Palestinians and Lebanese is as vile as anything the euro-Americans did to the Indians. I have nothing but disgust for Israel’s behavior.

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