Thursday, September 28, 2006


Condoms and old-time religion...

I recently saw an op-ed piece in our local daily, the Bend Bulletin, about the failure of condoms to prevent the transmission of STDs. Uh-huh. Sure: and there's nothing wrong with DDT, either. The Religious Right—well, the Right, because the Right is the Religious Right, anymore: the fundamentalists' ideology is the ideology of the Republican Party; that was part of the deal when Nixon and Goldwater went after the Dixie Democrats; the Republican Party is essentially the old Dixiecrat bunch. Values, school choice, prayer in schools...we saw it back in the days of Strom Thurmond, and we're seeing it again.

The anti-abortion crowd isn't just against abortion: they're against birth control, period. Not because life is sacred: because the patriarchy wants women under their total control. If a woman can not have a child, the man isn't in charge. It says in the Bible that women are subservient to men. The Bible says it and they believe it. The theocracy edges closer on a daily basis.

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