Saturday, September 23, 2006


A Confession for The Week

Yes: I have been goofing off. At least I haven’t been posting as regularly as I used to do.

I’m burned out; maybe overwhelmed is a better term. Things don’t seem to be getting better. I think they’re getting worse. We watched the so-called “maverick Republicans” cave in to our tin-horn president. McCain is tossing around the idea of running in 2008, and to do so is going to require the support of the Bush-Cheney Junta. That means he has to take a dive about torture. Otherwise, no support, maybe no money.

The Democrats are about as outspoken as mushrooms and about equally dynamic. The once-bright rising star, Obama, is sounding more and more like a centrist Republican (if there were any left), another Clinton-ista. If Obama and Hillary C. are the two top presidential contenders from the Democratic Party, we’ll be involved in the Middle East for the next twenty years. The Empire Strikes Back and—I hope—Strikes Out. But maybe not.

I want to say, “Screw this: it’s hopeless.” I think it is pretty hopeless. America is locked onto a course that only leads downward. Maybe it’s karmic: this is what we all get for our white-washed history of slavery and genocide. Time for another system without the U.S. acting as Boss Hog. I’m too old to go much farther trying to change things. If the younger folks can’t or won’t do it, screw it. Another twenty-or-so years and I’ll be out of here. The only reason to speak up now is to not go gentle into that dark night.

The upraised middle finger is about all I have left.

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