Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hastert Accuses Dems of Being Pro-Terrorist Rights

The Repugnicans are pulling out all the stops. I believe they'd put on Nazi uniforms if they thought it would win them the upcoming elections. Now Hastert, someone who looks like he belongs in a Grade B movie about southern politicians, has opinonated that anyone who is for all prisoners to have specific rights is somehow pro-terrorist.

I don’t agree with Pelosi; I don’t think Hastert is desperate so much as he is a corrupt asshole. Of course I have no proof of either assertion; except for having seen El Gordo on TV.

Speaker Dennis Hastert reiterated Thursday his claims that House Democrats who voted against the detainee bill were in favor of granting terrorists more rights. This comes after House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Hastert a "desperate man," for making such assertions.

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