Tuesday, September 26, 2006


A Little Local Rant

We went up to our new big-time (™) mall to check out a Mexican restaurant that just opened. The mall is laid out like a little village; it's probably a clone of many other new-wave malls. We parked on a sidestreet just across from the restaurant, after seeing a car already parked there and noticing there were no signs prohibiting parking.

Imagine our surprise...when, after some good Zacatecan-style enchiladas, we came out and found a neon-orange “Parking Violation” sticker on the window. Parking in a fire land, in a no-parking zone, and blocking a drive-way. The “violation” informed us that a description of the car—and the license plate number— had been permanently filed: dire consequences would ensue if we ever again did such a terrible thing.

We won’t. We’ll make sure: we lived for some years without the mall and we can no doubt live for quite a few more years without returning.

Too bad, though, we thought the food was tasty.

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