Saturday, October 28, 2006


Google Censorship: Becoming a Non-Person/Blog

Get this:

My friend, Diane, is an activist, among other things. She lives down on the San Francisco Peninsula, Palo Alto/Silicon Valley. There's a "Measure A" on the ballot down there that will happily trounce the folks living in rural areas by regulating their lives and properties to the point of confiscation. It's for the good of Palo Alto, of course, and what's good for Palo Alto is good for Stanford, for Silicon Valley, and so on. You know the sad story of elitist communities.

Diane did a biting satirical piece on the backers of Measure A. For two days, her blog, siliconvalleytruthinessbureau, came up on Google. Then it vanished from Google. Google is one of the backers of Measure A. Does anyone have any questions about why her URL vanished?

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