Wednesday, October 04, 2006


PETA Paints Store RED!

For a side-step from the reprehensible to the ridiculous:

New York Post


October 4, 2006 -- PETA honchos Ingrid Newkirk and Dan Mathews and a horde of protesters spent Monday night in a Paris slammer. The group was arrested after busting into the Jean Paul Gaultier flagship boutique and dousing the designer's street-level windows with red paint while wearing "bloodied" donated furs and shouting, "Gaultier! Killer!," for over an hour. Brigitte Bardot defended the protest and told us via a rep, "I cannot believe that [Gaultier] is unable to [stop using fur]. Only imbeciles do not change opinions." Look for more protests at Gaultier's 30th anniversary party this weekend.


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