Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Tuesday: Tsk-Tsk-TSK-TSK!

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold—or in this case, the far right falls apart. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of bigots.

There seems to be a blame-war going on amongst the Republicans over who knew about Foley when and how much. It’s pretty horrid, because beneath the pious homilies about how disgusting Foley’s behavior really was there’s the panic of How-Do-We-Bury-This-Is-The-Problem. I notice that Matt Drudge is blaming the victims—They led him on. Yeah. Teen-agers and children always know how to seduce adults. Uh-huh, sure Matt: no doubt that's what's happened to you. That’s pretty barfy. The Speaker of the House, of course, looks like a politician in an Orson Welles movie, and couldn’t be convincing about which direction is the sun-rise. Florid-faced and overweight, he reminds me of Boss Hawg in the "Dukes of Hazzard." Is this the end of the country as we imagined it once was or could be?

Yeah. “The day America lost it’s innocence!” How many times have we heard that phrase? This country has no innocence to lose. It’s a 230-year-old whore pretending to be virginal. It may be among the best countries to live in, but it’s that way because it’s parasitical on so much of the world, sucking the life-blood out of the earth.

Child molesters in Congress? Sure. Why not? Think of the administrations of Jackson, Grant, Johnson, McKinley, Harding—what kind of people held office back then? They were no more moral or immoral than anyone in today’s Halls of Congress. ‘T’was always thus.

So now we all can get distracted from the real issues at hand: the disaster of a war, the rigged voting machines, the rage of the Third World...What happened with Foley is just another symptom of the rotten scoundrels who are running this country.

Remember, Jefferson said that each country has the kind of government it deserves.

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