Friday, December 22, 2006


Ain't Nothing Like A Scapegoat or Two...

There is nothing like a scapegoat! Well, two of them is better, I have to say.
The pro-war faction, the Christian Nationalist wing of the Republican party, have two scapegoats these days. They must be as happy as pigs in a full corn crib.
The fave, all time, all the time, scapegoat is, of course, “the media.” They’ve contributed to the strength of the Taliban, the Communists, the Iraqi insurgents—name it: every time the U.S. has been frustrated in recent years, it’s been the fault of the media. Ever since Walter Cronkite looked at the Viet Nam mess and said, we can’t win, the media has been to blame. The dirty bastards. These days, the AP has joined the conspiracy of left-wing media. The Associated Press—what a clear example of the Christian Right’s delusional world.

Of course, the other good scapegoat is “the immigrants.” Some dipshit member of Congress, Virgil Goode, has announced that unless we immediately curb immigration, Muslims are going to serve in Congress—in great numbers! Oh my, oh my. And I thought it was those Mexican Catholics who were going to take over… How wrong can one man be? Or, maybe, you suppose, they’re all part of the vast anti-American conspiracy? You know, like the way, people say the Jews are at the root of it all...The Jews manipulating the Catholics and Muslims and Communists and pro-immigrationists, the anti-abortionists, the integrationists...the mind boggles, doesn’t it?

I'll have to ask Mr Goode about that...

We have the kind of government we deserve; Jefferson was right.

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