Monday, December 04, 2006


Bolton Bails

And there is good news: the wire services today carried the story of John Bolton resigning. The ship is sinking...Bolton has always struck me as the kind of guy who was really popular in his college fraternity, probably showed up for each and every reunion, and is simply a 50-ish version of himself at twenty-one. Whatever worked for him back then, well, it's good enough to use now.

That's what so many members of the administration are like: they're petrified at various ages and levels of development. Cheney was probably born mean and never saw any reason to change from the sharp-edged, fast on the trigger guy he was in his 30s; certainly his politics haven't changed since his first gig for Reagan. Same with Rummy. Hell, the same with Dubya: during his college days he believed FDR was a socialist, the New Deal was socialistic, and his political awareness hasn't changed since then. Fossilized minds.

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