Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Ford: an average suburban guy...

Hell, I have to say something about Jerry Ford: "Something."

There. He was a jock, a party hack, loved golf, everybody liked him, his wife was a drug addict— just your average suburban guy. Who let Kissinger put the finger on tens of thousands of people, allowed Indonesia to kill a half-million or so Timorese...just your average American president...

Well, a little better than - say Clinton?

Ford was faithful to his wife, Clinton is faithful to no one;

Ford helped heal a nation, Clinton helped the 9/11 hijackers destroy the TWC and greatly disrupted the economy;

Ford did not use the US military in vain, Clinton had US solders killed in Somalia for nothing since it turned out he didn't have the guts to complete the mission.

As far as the Timorese - I guess you forgot to mention Bill Clinton continued to sell US arms to Indonesia, but as a liberal I can understand why you left that out. I search the internet and the most I could find on death tolls was "60 - 200 thousand" - far short of your exaggerated "half-million or so", but liberals do love to exaggerate, don't you!

For the record, the anti-American group Amnesty International puts the estimated deaths at 200K, the higher of the estimates, of course.
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