Wednesday, December 06, 2006


An Honorable Withdrawl From Iraq?

Bit by big I’m getting better. It’s still a hassle to go anyplace using the walker, but it beats trying to wheel myself around in that rental wheelchair. Every little piece of progress helps. Phew.

And the world goes on in its utterly unique manner.

It looks like we have a new Secretary of Defense. Bush nominated this guy; Bush nominated Rumsfelt; but the Senate affirmed Gates without blinking. Oh, OK, Mr President, sure thing. We trust you!

It’s a joke. Like when bush proposed Roberts for the Supremes, Gonzales for Attorney General—the Senators and Reps rolled on their backs and offered up their bellies and throats. Exactly what you do when the pit bulls are attacking: make it easy. don’t fight back. Resistance is futile. Suck up to power, no matter how illegitimate.

I mean it’s like the schedules proposals for a pull-out from Iraq. About how responsible it has to be. The invasion was dishonest and shameful from the start. If only folks had been so conscientious about invading the country in the first place. If America had been truly conscientious and honorable, we wouldn’t have invaded. It was done because we were lied to by the administration. Over and over.

Would it be honorable to pack up Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfelt, and ship them in chains to Iraq while we simply evauated the country?

I stumbled across this blog and boy, what a chipper fellow you seem to be. It said that you are almost 70 years old. Buddy, why don't you spend the golden years enjoying life. Or you can choose to stew about the legitimacy of the Presedent, Measure A in CA., the new Secretary of Defense, the price of bananas in El Salvador, the hole in your left sock.........What a peaceful and enjoyable way to relax and be happy. CHEERS!
Yeah, it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it... Beats watching "Doctor Phil." Beats CNN, for that matter.
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