Friday, December 29, 2006


No Security at Homeland Security: Guns Stolen

There’s nothing new in reporting that the government is selling itself off like a border-town whore. Privatization is the style: highways, social services, schools—when the Ruling Party talks about “making government smaller,” what they really mean is making their business buddies richer and more powerful.

Now, we have an agency dedicated, absolutely dedicated to protecting the father—er, homeland. Their track record isn’t too good, but track records, these days, are just petty annoyances to The Party.

Our Department of Homeland Security, apparently doesn’t even do its own security. Maybe they don’t trust themseelves. I don’t.

Contractor's Handguns Missing From Homeland Security Vault
Wednesday, December 27, 2006; A02

The Department of Homeland Security said yesterday that it is investigating how four handguns recently went missing from its headquarters in Northwest Washington.

Jarrod Agen, a department spokesman, said the guns belonged to Paragon Systems of Chantilly, which provides security for the department's facility on Nebraska Avenue NW.

"DHS is investigating the report," Agen said. "Paragon guns do not belong to DHS nor are they under the control of DHS."

A person familiar with the investigation and who requested anonymity while the probe is underway said four .40-caliber handguns vanished about two weeks ago from a vault where Paragon security officers store their weapons.

Attempts to reach Paragon officials for comment yesterday afternoon and evening were unsuccessful.

-- Allan Lengel

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