Sunday, December 03, 2006


What's Been Going On Around Here and There?

More of the stuff I haven't really wanted and less of the stuff I have wanted. How familiar, eh?

The end of October, I was over at our local pool, and I slipped and fell. My bones are not good—in xrays they look sort of pale grey instead of white. Broke my right leg just below the knee: both bones.

That screws things up. Lots of Percosets later, I'm coming out of the morass. I'm getting around on a walker and feel like I'm about seventy years old. Terrible, yeah, expecially since seventy is a whole year and a half away. But it's getting better now and they tell me in a couple of months I'll be able to start putting weight on my leg.

In the meanwhile...back at the ranch: the elections are over and the Demicans won and everything else seems the same. What a surprise!

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