Saturday, January 20, 2007


Saturday snivelings

Hmm. Saturday again. And, as usual, on a slow news week-end, the domestic news is about the number of knuckleheads who have announced their campaigns for the presidency. The news channels on TV and the political blogs are ga-ga over all the candidates; that will save them the trouble of actually covering anything of substance between now and next year's elections. The coverage of the Golden Globs was enough, thank you.

The "progressives" are a-twitter over Obama's candidacy; the conservatives have fired up their slime machines. Obama's a machine Democrat. As such he's about as much a threat to the system as, say, Jimmy Carter was. The "system," our methods of governance, is extremely self-protective. Nobody who's a real threat stands a chance of getting elected: nobody. There's too much money involved, too many payrolls, too many bribes, campaign war chests—we're stuck with the current system of corporate-capitalism until the whole country crashes. Chances are, the country won't crash without taking the rest of the industrial world down with it—and it would probably turn the 21st Century into a techno-version of the 14th Century.

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