Wednesday, February 07, 2007


O'Reilly & Beck: Laurel and Hardy Theory of History proponents

TV is the blustery medium. The Nationalist Right loves to pontificate and expound to the mob. Two of the biggest blusterers are, natch, Bill O’Reilly and Glen Beck. It’s interesting that they both spoke up about the Biden fiasco.

Big Bill actually said “I’m afraid to say anything” about African-Americans. As if. He just feels so hindered that he dare not even give compliments to African-Americans.

And Beck, well. He’s afraid now he might be in an “open conversation” and say something that would be taken wrong—that’s why he doesn’t have many Black friends. Not his fault, huh-uh. It’s them. They made him not have...ah, you know. The old Laurel and Hardy gig: “Now see what you made me do?”

O’REILLY: Now you got to feel sorry for us white folks here, because I’m telling you now I’m afraid to say anything. You know, you’re an articulate guy, doctor, but I’m never going to say that. You’re a smart guy. Is that bad if I say you’re a smart guy? … Yes, absolutely, instead of black and white Americans coming together, white Americans are terrified. They’re terrified. Now we can’t even say you’re articulate? We can’t even give you guys compliments because they may be taken as condescension?

BECK: You know, Shelby, I don’t know if anybody else in the audience — oh, this is just going to be a blog nightmare over the next few days. But let me just be honest and play my cards face up on the table.

I was thinking about this just last week. I don’t have a lot of African-American friends, and I think part of it is because I’m afraid that I would be in an open conversation, and I would say something that somebody would take wrong, and then it would be a nightmare. Am I alone in feeling that?

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