Thursday, February 22, 2007


Round and round the mulberry bush...

My brain is gone. I'm adrift.

For three weeks, now, I've been trying to get myself back over to the municipal swimming pool, where, back in October, I fell and my leg broke. I know all the stuff about getting back on the horse that threw you, otherwise you'll never do it. Never been thrown off a horse. If I had been, and my leg had broken as a result, I'd be quite thoughtful before I even considered getting back on the animal. But...

I need the exercise. There's nothing as good as water exercise for me. Zero gravity, lots of painless motion, warm water, even a cardio-vascular component. There's also the super jacuzzi pool, which is bliss when it comes to relaxing sore muscles and the rest of me.

So why haven't I done it? How about: I'm afraid.

No, there's nothing rational about it at all. I can take my walker so I'll have plenty of support getting into and out of the pool. Beth said she'd stick around while I was in there. Then she got sick for a week, of course. Hmm.

I'm over psychologized. Sometimes, the time just isn't right. That's all. No deep-set psychological tangles: hasn't been the right time.

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